About us

Polymer Recyclers Ltd was established in 2005 to explore the possibilities of using more recycled crumb rubber from end of life tyres and factory scrap in rubber applications by using the emerging devulcanisation technologies. One process that was considered came from the Malaysian Rubber Board and Polymer Recyclers Ltd were tasked with evaluating this courtesy of funding from WRAP.

The conclusion was that the process did not deliver a devulcanised product and was too costly a process. We continued our research and subsequently continued development work at Loughborough University using rubber crumb to create a masterbatch which gave far superior properties. The process and chemistry involved homogenised the masterbatch in such a way as to enhance the properties of the crumb. More importantly, there was no evidence of devulcanisation.

A patent was applied and was subsequently granted for the production of the ReTern™ masterbatch.

Rubber Crumb