Laboratory services for the development of rubber compounds

PRL has technical expertise in the development of rubber compounds for use in the manufacture of General Rubber Goods for example, extruded profile for automotive sealing, gaskets and mouldings for the construction industry.

A laboratory mixer is available to produce 1Kg trial batches. The vulcanisation properties can be measured and test samples compression moulded.

The compounds can be tested for basic properties to the relevant specification.

Once a compound satisfies the initial requirements PRL can liase with a suitable compounder to scale up the formulation ready for production trials. It may be necessary following this step to adjust the formulation to meet the product specification or to improve processing e.g. mould flow or extrusion shape definition.

The development process in some cases can be designed to optimise material cost, specification requirements and processability.

Laboratory Services

Rubber testing of customer samples and products

In some cases products have to be tested for certain properties which entails preparing the test pieces from the parts themselves. For some
product shapes this will be impossible but PRL has the equipment in most cases to slice products to the dimensions required for certain physical tests e.g tensile strength and compression set.


Guidelines for the recycling and testing of recycled tyres – PAS107

PRL has the equipment to carry out the basic test requirements that classify the products of tyre recycling. Recyclers can send samples to PRL for testing and certification. This can be a one off test or regular contract. It is often useful to know the degree of consistency of the product with time which sometimes is controlled by the efficiency of the plant and can be useful in setting maintenance programmes.

Recycled tyres