Lab services

Polymer Recyclers Ltd offer a wide range of lab services. Our material experts have the experience to deliver successful consultancy services from basic preparation of lab rubber mix through to complex chemical analysis, as well product development projects.
Below is a range of the services we offer however, if you’d like to discuss a specific requirement please contact us and one of our experts will be pleased to assist.

Range of services
Preparation of rubber mixes  [ approx 1400g ]
Mixing of thermoplastics and rubber / thermoplastic blends
Rheometer vulcanisation test [ODR]
Sampling from product [SASS]
Moulding of test slabs 150 x 150 x 2mm, other sizes available
Hardness test Macro / Micro – on press cures sample or cut from product
Specific Gravity
Tensile strength & Elongation at Break
Compression set
De Mattia flex testing & crack growth
DIN Abrasion test
Akron abrasion test
Stress relaxation
Tear testing – various methods
Effect of air ageing and fluid immersion tests available

For more information and to get a quote please contact us.

Lab Services